We All Run 

Do you recall a time in your childhood when you tried to run away? I’ve heard some crazy stories of people trying to run away. Maybe you were one of the ones that had a piggy bank and money saved up and actually made it to the bus. I don’t have a personal story of […]

Cuteness in Japanese Culture

Cuteness in Japanese Culture Cuteness – kawaisa – is a prominent aspect of Japanese popular culture that first emerged in the 1970s, when teenage girls developed a new writing style using big, round characters decorated with hearts, smiley faces, and the like. To capitalize on this growing trend, companies launched cute merchandise lines. Today, cute […]

If you were left millions in your parent’s will, but your brother or sister were left nothing, would you give them some money?

W ‘n B : ‘spoiler alert’ . . .there’s a twist in the tale. answered by Jeff Edwards, Novelist, researcher, and general trouble maker. Our mother died a few years ago, leaving her estate to me, my younger brother, and our older sister. While it didn’t amount to millions, between house, savings, retirement accounts, and […]