Skep moed!

Jare gelede, in die beroemde Louvre Museum in Parys was daar ‘n skildery met die titel “skaakmat”. Dit het die satan uitgebeeld wat smalend oor sy skaak~opponent uittroon, omdat hy sy opponent se siel gewen het. Die opponent word uitgebeeld as ‘n jong man, sy kop gebuig in vernedering ~ hy’s verslaan en verslae. Sy gesig is […]

Mermaid’s Tale

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I met this guy on the shore, He was cool, funny and something more. Bright ocean blue eyes and a strong jawline, With a height, almost fine. Golden hair, perfect lips, He was roaming around the ships. Due to shore’s haze My whole body shuddered under his gaze. He…

Tyler Shipman’s Fiero

RIP Tyler. 02/14/2010. You will be missed.   by Kathryn Hawkins. The Tyler Project: Fiero Enthusiasts Rebuild Car for Teen with Cancer After Tyler Shipman was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he had one last wish: to drive the old Fiero that he had purchased for $150. A group of strangers from all over the country […]

The Rock of Gibraltar

Article of the Day   (article source) Home to the British colony of Gibraltar, the Rock of Gibraltar is a limestone promontory at the tip of Spain that guards the northeastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar, linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. It contains many caves and defense works and is home to […]