Have you ever gone to a wedding and not brought a gift?

by Sara Elaine, Happily married to my best mate
Yes. I was a bridesmaid at a wedding. We were expected to fork out for a hens night, a kitchen tea and then our make-up, shoes and jewelry for the bride’s wedding. The bride picked a make-up artist who charged $130 a face. Our shoes had to be silver and have sparkly and as I was tall I had to have no heel= $40 on shoes. The hens night included personalized invitations ($30 + postage to the invitees $20) a party bus ($300) and a venue with a bar tab and platters ($800) which we had no choice but to get the invitees to help foot the bill. I was a single mother at that point, working part time. I was expected to be at this brides beck and call. It was her day after all! I bought the bride a tiara to wear at her wedding ($39) as a gift on her hens night. She had wanted the tiara since her first fitting and I had covertly purchased it.

It was demanded we have a spray tan ($30) and our nails done. So when we were asked to provide a cash gift for the wedding I balked! No Way!

Her wedding cost me upwards of $550, so they got a card, a box of chocolates and a copy of my speech that was a cute and clever poem (hours of work). She doesn’t talk to me anymore, I was cut out of the wedding photos and her life.

comment by Kathleen Trieschmann: That is outrageous. I am fascinated by the stories of poor behavior by brides towards their friends. I could not afford the kind of wedding I wanted and my father went back on what he promised to give me because his new wife did not want him spending money on my wedding. I got married on the large back deck of my house. I told my 3 bridesmaids to wear a pastel knee to tea length dress of their choice with some matching floral pieces in their hair and matching bouquets that I bought. My wedding was a lot of fun. kt

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