Have you ever been offended by a gift that you had received for Christmas?

Angel Searle, Business Development Agent at GearLaunch

Not really offended but baffled.

Some years ago, during a family Christmas, my mother gave out a variety of very strange gifts.

My niece received a book. Upon closer inspection, it was a library book. No, this was not something she had bought secondhand from a bookstore, it was from our local library and checked out in my little brother’s name. It wasn’t even a book she had wanted or anything. Her father, my brother-in-law, received an opened and mostly empty can of peanuts with cobwebs inside of it.

After seeing these gifts go out I was a bit leery to open mine. It was a bag of garbage. I stared at my mother, mystified as I pulled a dirty, used paper tablecloth from the sack followed by a bunch of soiled napkins, dirty paper plates, etc.

“It’s the decorations from your wedding!” She explained.

“Thank you.” I said in a voice I tried to keep normal while exchanging bemused looks with everyone else.

In the months that followed my mother’s behavior became ever more odd. She went to the ER on average of twice a week with weird spasms they instantly decided were psychosomatic in nature. Her condition deteriorated with alarming speed and intensity. She became paranoid and weird. She kept falling down the stairs, insisted regularly she was having a stroke. We kept taking her to different doctors until they told us they couldn’t help her, to stop bringing her to the hospital.

Eventually we realized she was having a bad reaction to one of her medications. Once stopped, she returned to normal in no time. It was a huge relief.

But I’ll never forget the Christmas I got a bag of trash.


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