Light in Darkness.

“What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in the light.” – Mat_10:27. CHRIST IS often speaking, in the secret of the heart; in the darkness of the night, “when deep sleep falleth upon men; there the Master tells us things in the darkness! To listen and obey will save us many a bitter […]

GOD is in beheer

So sterk is die HERE dat HY áltyd in beheer van sake is. HY weet wat almal op aarde doen. HY gee aan ons lewe. HY sorg dat niks ons onderkry nie. 📖 Ps. 66: 7, 9 📖 Môre lê daar ‘n splinternuwe jaar voor. As ‘n mens jou gedagtes laat gaan oor die jaar wat […]

Did You Know? (Dec 28)

Babies have more bones than adults; as they age, several bones (such as the plates in the skull) fuse together to become one single bone. At birth, we have approximately 270 individual bones and by adulthood, the number is approximately 206 as a result of these fusions.

Your sins are forgiven you.

I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more. § Who can forgive sins but God alone? I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; and I will not remember your sins. § Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed […]

What is wrong with parenting in today’s society?

Eva Katsarova Magimay I’ll start with one of my mum’s favourite stories. I’d have been around 3 and we’d been out shopping. I saw something I wanted and decided that kicking and screaming would be a great way to get it. My mum decided she was having none of that. Reasoning with a 3 year […]

Die stokkies Jesus

So ‘n paar jaar gelede het my kinders vanaf Australië kom kuier. Hulle sou Kersfees saam met ons deurbring en ek het gewonder wat ek spesiaal vir die twee kleuter kleinseuns van my kan doen om dit vir hulle spesiaal te maak. Ek wou so graag dat hulle die Kersfees sal onthou as ‘n tyd […]

Vehicle storage facility.

Marianne DeMarco Straight up – there’s even a joke about it somewhere… Ah! here it is… A blonde walks into a bank in New York City and asks for the loan officer. She says she’s going to Europe on business for two weeks and needs to borrow $5,000. The bank officer says the bank will […]