Best hot chocolate ever


Hey recently me and my old-time friend made this incredible hot chocolate and I’m about to share with you our secret (not really) special recipe.

img_1199You’ll need:

  • chocolate ( we used dark 70% but you can choose one of your liking )
  • milk ( we used whole milk but any other dairy free option is ok too)
  • cinnamon powder
  • sugar
  • starch
  • water
  • peppermint candy (optional)
  • marshmallow (optional)
  • any  other decoration of your liking

From utensils you’ll need

  • pot
  • spoon
  • cup
  • and stove


(I know it looks like we’re doing drugs with those white powder in small plastic bags but my friend prepared everything at her home and we cooked in my kitchen as it’s much bigger than hers (well and we ended up throwing unforgettable party few hours later at my place ) and she crusher peppermint candies to powder and brought it to me as well as scratch which…

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