Trust and Obey

My Christian Life-Rhyme

Another day

Same old song

Bank is empty

Weather’s wrong

Boat is old

Crew is too

Don’t know what

He’s going to do.

isla cristina huelva espana Photo by Agustin Piñero on

Aching arms

screaming back

pickin’ up

other’s slack

Weathered hands

Tired eyes

Long day had

Sudden surprise.

Sees a man

On the shore

Says real loud

Stay some more

Throw your nets

On the other side

You’re doing it wrong

Just abide

For one cast more

And you will see

Just have faith

Trust. In. Me.

Looks at sonar

That guy’s wrong

Looks at Him

Plays along.

Stays and tries

One more time

Nets are full

Sonars chime.

Captain looks 

He is gone

Whisper wind

You belong

Trusting me

Secured your path

Gone is your

Worry n’ wrath.

fish net on gray surface Photo by Bedis ElAcheche on

Nets are full

Bank is too

They eat bread 

share it too!

Life is full

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