Dodecanese Decadence (Kos)

At Least You Should...

After our great experience in Corfu last year, we were on the lookout for trip opportunities to the other Greek islands. So when the chance presented itself, we did not hesitate long and grabbed a last minute ticket to Kos. Kos is one of the Dodecanese islands, right in front of the Turkish coast, so it is at the south-eastern tip of Greece. The Island was first mentioned in Homer’s Illiad and is one of the main tourist destinations in Greece, after Rhodos, Corfu and Crete. The island is famous for beautiful beaches, great seafood, and some ancient archeological sites.

Trip details:

Day 0: Late Afternoon Flight into Kos
Day 1: Northern Shores, Kos Town and Therme
Day 2: Beaches, Beaches and even more Beaches

Trip Date: 09/2017
Trip Cost (all in): 125€ p.P. /day (moderate)
Trip Duration: 2 days (w/o travel time)
Vacation days required: 1/2 day (leaving Friday afternoon)

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