About health.

cancer killing recipe

What takes to be healthy?
1. No toxins
2. Low sugar
3. Enough oxygen
4. Stay alkaline
5. Eliminate stress

Today I want to write about toxins.

I found this interesting statement from “Total Health Institute”:
“If you put garbage in your driveway, it will attract flies.
How many cans of fly killing spray it will take to kill all the flies?
But if you remove the garbage, the flies will go away.”

This is the story of our health.
The garbage are the toxins that we ingest every day.
Cans of fly killing spray is the medicine.
And flies is the disease.

You got the picture.

So, to become healthy we have to remove toxins (garbage) from our body.

Louis Pasteur said this long time ago:
“We drink 90 percent of our illnesses”.

So, I think, it is very important to drink purest, safest water – which is…

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