I am married to someone who believes that the contents of the Bible are the infallible word of god.

How can I prove that Noah’s flood did not cover the whole earth with water 4000 years ago? I am married to someone who believes that the contents of the Bible are the infallible word of god.

Michael Gailey

18 thoughts on “I am married to someone who believes that the contents of the Bible are the infallible word of god.

  1. Like so many other parts of the Bible, more than one author wrote to tell the same story. Therefore, there will always be minor differences. Just let the Natal Mercury, New York Times and Huffington Post all cover the same story – I bet it will all differ to some extent.

    It is understood that there were four authors to the five books of Moses, including Jeremiah and Ezra but excluding Moses. A fifth person edited it into a neat set of books. The record from Jeremia or Ezra states that much water came up from the earth, not only from rain. It also is said that, while rain lasted forty days & nights, the duration of the entire flood was some eight months.

    When reading Genesis, we must understand that Hebrew cannot be translated correctly directly into, say, English but that interpretation may be required. Also, the entire Creation story is written in the present tense but translators put it in the past tense. So much for inerrancy of translation.

    I used to take the Bible literal until I one day made an utter fool of myself. A group of Afrikaner trek pioneers made the same mistake and many died as a result, during the Thirstland Trek. In fact, very few survived. Literal interpretation has been quite damaging even to Christian faith, as it had led to all manner of dogmatic beliefs.


    1. but the whole message of the Bible is coherent and can be summed up as showing that we do have a Creator God who loved us enough to send His son… How people interpret and misinterpret the Bible should never allow us to deny the love of Christ. After all, that is what matters.

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    2. I also would like to know about the editors of the books of Moses. I am familiar with the theory, but you stated it as pretty much factual. Last I checked it can’t be proven. Do you care to elaborate on that?


      1. Hi Chaplapreneur, thank you for your comment. Kindly note that the source of the article is from the Quora forums – i.e. a reblog. …as such I have nothing further to add.


      2. I care to elaborate as I don’t have easy access to the info and handed it back just this morning. Please do consult a good library.


      3. So that is a no. You don’t have it. The burden to consult a good library is on the presenter of the information. That is the problem with online conversations, too often we accept statements that lack integrity. I happen to know a little about the topic, if you have information that proves your statement as factuaI haven’t seen, please share.


      4. There is no burden on me. I live with disability, get to a library every six weeks. Don’t be rude, don’t project your laziness to read on others. I bet you are better placed than I am to get to info. Case closed.


      5. Too often people want to argue because their inflated ego’s want to prove a point. You can order me around when you hire and pay me. Until then, please work for your own education. I have to do it the very hard way in great discomfort.


      6. no one is ordering you. Sometimes in writing people here a tone of voice that isn’t there. You made some specific claims as if they were unarguably factual. I gave you the opportunity to back them up. The idea was an exchange of ideas. I am sorry that my approach offended you.


      7. Jesus never quoted His sources. He said: “It is written.” Where I come from, it is expected to come prepared when challenging an opinion. Apology accepted. I also apoligise for having been abrasive but am dead tired after the physical challenges of today, a body in constant pain and the mere thought of re-doing it just to please you, caught me on the wrong foot. I also found over the past decades that people generally are too lazy to do their own research. If someone from my rather challenged position, in every way imaginable, can be diligent in education myself, in a third world country, I have a legitimate expectation that others could be doing the same. But I am not here to do it on behalf of others.


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