Physically challenged; Please be patient.


It’s a Lovely thought…felt like sharing it here..
A car ahead was moving like a turtle and not giving me way inspite of my continuous honking! I was on brink of losing my cool when I noticed the small sticker on the car’s rear!

Physically challenged; Please be patient.

And that changed everything!! I immediately went calm & slowed down!! In fact I got a little protective of the car & the driver!!! I reached work a few minutes late, but it was ok!

And then it struck me. Would I have been patient if there was no sticker!???! Why do we need stickers to be patient with people!??

Will we be more patient & kind with others if people had labels pasted on their foreheads??
Labels like –
“Lost my job”,
“Fighting cancer”,
“Going through a bad divorce”,
“Suffering Emotional abuse“,
“Lost a loved one”,
“Feeling worthless”,

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One thought on “Physically challenged; Please be patient.

  1. My apartment overlooks a busy interesction and, oftentimes, I see how people get sooooo angreeeee over losing a few seconds, if any. It really isn’t worth it.

    I once owned a big Diesel car, before turbochargers were invented. It taught me patience. Ecclesiastes 12:5 describes that car exactly, especially in the 1953 Afrikaans!

    Traveling across South Africa at a constant 110km/h, I was overtaken often by the same cars that would rush, then stop at a gas station to waste time, only to hit the road at a hundred miles an hour. So many times, after a 1200-1600km journey, I would notice them in traffic close to my final destination. Life is like that, we need to just live and let live, not rush towards a certain death.

    As I became a more restive person, I also learned to steer clear of main routes, literally but also figuratively. Avoid busy places, crowds, finding peace elsewhere.

    Even on our overcowded trains, waiting for the next one three minutes later so often afforded a peaceful journey and a great seat. No overcrowding. There is blessing in learning calmness.

    I am acutely Type A personality, it didn’t come natural.

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