Becoming HIS Tapestry

When I was a little girl I mentally swapped my life for someone else’s, all the time.  I was convinced I would be happier if I was more athletic like her or taller like her, or more bold like her.  I didn’t like being me, because being me was no fun at all.   My imaginary life was always better than mine.Jer 17 9Well I recently realized that I was right all along, but I used the wrong standard. I really don’t want to be me anymore. But the standard isn’t the next person; it’s the Word of God.  Why don’t I want to be me anymore?  Me isn’t a nice person.  Me isn’t kind or compassionate. Me thinks way too much about herself to be concerned about anyone else.  Me rarely does something for anyone if it’s not attached to an ulterior motive. Me thinks, “how does he/she benefit my life?”  Me…

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