A life without social media (GASP!)

Miss B's House

I have never had an Instagram account, SnapChat, Twitter, or any others that exist outside of Facebook. I had a Facebook account and currently have a LinkedIn profile, which I don’t consider social media as it is meant to be a professional networking site and truthfully, I still never really use it. Anyway, in 2016 I took the summer off of Facebook, so all of my social media, mostly trying to break myself of some bad habits (i.e.: mindless scrolling, the avoidance of the silence I so desperately needed, checking my notifications only to fall down the rabbit hole of garbage for hours), and a bad mood which I had tried to combat by posting only positive things and focusing on happiness. I was still shitty. While at first I did have some withdrawals and I was always out of the loop with the new craze (which honestly, I’ll tell…

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