Today’s Birthday (Jun 30)

Florence Ballard (1943) A founding member of The Supremes, Ballard sang on 16 Top 40 hit singles. She was first recruited by future members of The Temptations for a sister group they were forming. Ballard in turn recruited Mary Wilson, whom she had met at a talent show, and Wilson brought in Diana Ross. Disputes […]

What is the most viewed movie of all time?

James Kwon Lee, Film Writer-Director-Producer The answer will shock you. It shocked me when I first studied movie history. First of all, the most viewed film is not Avatar (2009) or Titanic (1997). Those two films set the box office record for “highest grossing film worldwide”—but highest grossing does not mean most viewed. The average […]

Love & Respect

Originally posted on maiswann:
I have been happily married to my wonderful wife for 11 years now. In this time I’ve learned so much from her. Today the two of us spoke to a beautiful little old lady, who made me think… we have so much to be grateful for. She inspired me to write…

Article of the Day (Jun 23)

Wayang Kulit Wayang—a classical form of Indonesian puppet theater – has been an important part of the local culture for centuries, with the puppeteers regarded as repositories of moral and aesthetic values. Hindu narratives featured prominently in early wayang. Later, Islamic restrictions against representations of God or gods led to the development of wayang kulit, […]

What are the top rules of your life?

S. Howell, MA Masters in Educational Administration, University of Missouri–Kansas City (1983) Always tell the truth. It doesn’t matter what it costs you. Meet anyone at least half-way. Don’t take advantage of someone just because you can. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Life is about “being” not “having.” Follow your parents […]

Plaashek (Uys Krige)

Plaashek (Uys Krige) Bloedrooi die alwyn langs die slingerpad. Dis of daar vonke uit elk vuurpyl spat. Maar niks, niks roer nie…net ‘n luggie wat skrams aan die ritselende grassate vat. Daarbo die blou, blou lug, daaronder die rivier wat deur die boorde kronkel met ‘n groen swier. Niks stoor die yle swewende Bergstilte hier. […]

Bly by my HEER (Liedb 582)

Bly by my, Heer, terwyl die skemer daal; laat steeds u lig my lewenspad bestraal! Daar is geen ander hulp of troos vir my Hulp van die hulpelose, bly my by! 2. My lewensdag begin alreeds te kwyn; sy vreugde en sy glans is aan verdwyn; die tyd laat niks hier onveranderd bly o Heer […]