Stupid Inspirational Quotes

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Despite the fact that I’m a writer and lover of books, music, poetry, etc. I’ve always kind of hated quotes, especially inspirational ones. I’m not just talking about the terrible quotes people put on repurposed wood in their home like “Live, Laugh, Love” but just any kind of seemingly helpful…

Word of the Day (may 12)

incumbency Definition: (noun) The term during which some position is held. Synonyms: tenure, term of office. Usage: During his incumbency, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted the New Deal to counter the Great Depression.

Celebrating GOD’s Creation

excerpt from ‘Worship in the Garden: Services for Outdoor Worship’ By J. Wayne Pratt MEDITATION During day six, a further advance is evidenced as God creates the terrestrial species of animals, which are included in three broad classes: (l) cattle, (2) reptiles, and (3) wild animals of the earth. There appears to be general Consensus […]

My Mother Is Not This Blanket.

By Daisy Alpert Florin The blanket, still in pieces, sits in a bag in my attic. I take it down sometimes, run my fingers over the soft white cotton, yellow now with age. If I let my eyes blur, I can almost see my mother crocheting in front of the T.V., a cigarette and glass […]

GOD’S Accuracy..

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source : prudence When GOD solves our problems, we have faith in HIS abilities. When GOD doesn’t solve our problems, HE has faith in our abilities. One may observe God’s accuracy in the hatching of eggs… those of the Canary in 14 days; those of the Barnyard Hen in 21 days;…

Today’s Birthday (may 09)

Roger Hargreaves (1935) English children’s book author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves is best remembered for his beloved Mr. Men and Little Miss books, featuring colorful, boldly drawn characters like Mr. Silly, Mr. Happy, and Little Miss Chatterbox. Hargreaves is said to have been inspired to create the series after his young son innocently asked what […]