Jesus carries us

Inspirational Phrases

Having one of those emotional days. Grieving and crying ’till there’s no more tears to cry. And you cry some more. Wondering why we go through this heartache, wondering why the enemy drags us down and destroy our happiness. Yearning for God’s pressence, just to hear Him say “But I am already here my child”. Some days we are just too weak to keep our eyes focussed because life has a way of reminding us of the bad things of the world. We can never ask for perfection as the enemy is constantly in planning on stealing us from the Lord. But the Lord carries us. He brings us to better grounds. He lifts us up and reminds us who we belong to.

2 Samuel 22:3 – “He is my God, my strong stone – in him I will find my refuge – my shield, my strength of my salvation…

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