The Road of Rejection



Well I have finally arrived on the road of rejection.  And I am delighted !

I have always written things down. I have written tons of journals on my thoughts and aspirations.  Writing is my go-to-place for clarity and direction.  At first it was just little Scriptures and words of wisdom that I gleaned from the Bible.  Words that became instructions on life, precepts and concepts, and building blocks for thoughts, belief and values – constructs of my mind for moral,  social, economic and environmental issues.  It is amazing the influence it has had my mind, and on my life.  And for that, I am so grateful.

I have tried to write fiction, and failed dismally !   I have tried to write poetry, and did not even make the water’s edge, never mind plunge the depths that poetry may require.  Maybe a report here or there flickered on a path…

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