Cornulete cu magiun – Romanian plum jam cookies

Cooking Without Limits


“Magiun” is a traditional Romanian food based on plum. To make magiun you cook plums for 10 hours with very low heat until the magiun sticks to the spoon.

The magiun is a thick paste and homogeneous, dark brown, with dry matter content is a minimum of 55%. This concentration ensures the preservation of the product, at a temperature of 20° Celsius maximum, without the addition of any additives.

“Cornulete” are Romanian pastries aromatized with vanilla or rum extract/essence, as well as lemon rind, and stuffed with jam, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, walnuts, and/or raisins, with the shape representing a crescent.

Together, magiun and cornulete are one of my childhood flavors that I love to enjoy.

Magiun brings me great memories from my childhood. Our family would go to harvest the plums and then make the magiun. Imagine a huge pot where you put kilograms of plums and cook them all night…

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