How to Create the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo

by Harry Guinness

Your Facebook profile says a lot about you. It’s likely your most visible online presence, so it’s worth making it look good. Here’s how to pick a great cover photo.

Bear In Mind the Size Restrictions

Facebook’s cover photos come in a weird size. They’re 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels (roughly a 2.7:1 aspect ratio) in a desktop browser.

And they’re 640 pixels wide by 340 (about 1.88:1) pixels tall on mobile.

Any photo you upload is automatically displayed at that size and shape. You absolutely shouldn’t upload anything smaller than that because then Facebook will enlarge it, making it look blurry and ugly.

Facebook cover photos are also 100KB in size. Facebook automatically reduces images to this size, but if you’re interested in having the highest quality image possible, you should do it yourself.

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Think How Your Image Will Look on Desktop and Mobile . . .

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