Why The Chronological Facebook Feed is Never Coming Back

by Justin Pot

There are many, many legitimate criticisms you can make of Facebook. The death of the chronological news feed isn’t one of them.

I get it: you used to scroll through Facebook until you stopped seeing new things. It was easy, and there was a built-in stopping point. You had a sense of control over what you saw, and you never missed anything.

But it’s never coming back, and with good reason. A fascinating piece by Ben Evans, posted on ben-evans.com, outlines why the chronological feed needed to die. Basically it’s math.

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It’s not uncommon for people to “friend” 200-300 people every few years, and the result according to Facebook is that the average user’s friends post at least 1,500 things a day. Evans uses this number to explore further: . . .

view original article . . .

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