The Life of an Introvert

The Solivagant Writer

That’s me!

Or so that’s what Myers Briggs Personality Test has continued to reveal. An INFJ, to be exact. I don’t know how much I trust the test. Mainly because I feel I may lean into the INTJ category as well. (But I am no expert in the matter.)

Anyway, because I am introverted I prefer being alone most times. I sometimes come off as being shy or quiet or both.

But there’s a few things in life that truly make me happy: books, deep conversations (sometimes difficult to have, given that I am introverted), outdoor adventure, and, most importantly, alone time.

Ok, so the latter two I haven’t had much time to indulge in since, for the past two years, I have been studying to be a paralegal. As I progressed through the studies, I found less time to write, whether that was on my blog or participating in…

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