Daily Wisdom (apr 29)

I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. – Job 19:25 Beyond what these words were first meant to convey, we know today that our Redeemer will return as the Rider on the white horse in triumph and victory. Hallelujah, what a day! Then the world […]

The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead has to be one of my favorite Tv shows ever. I love both the game and the show, and something both have in common is a white house. They have really different stories with different characters, but both have had something to do with a white…

Word of the Day (apr 27)

subside Definition: (verb) Wear off or die down. Synonyms: lessen. Usage: The doctor told me that the pain should subside during the night and that I should feel much better by morning. 

overnight rye bread

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When I visited San Francisco, I was on a bread kick, sourdough in particular. It began with the Tartine book, and was fuelled by the The Toast Story which I have linked to before: When I called Josey Baker, the — yes — baker behind The Mill’s toast, he was a little mystified by the dustup…


by beautybeyondbones I’ve gotta tell ya…sometimes I just cannot believe how socially dense we can be in 2018. I mean, for as politically correct and inclusive our carefully chosen words are…y-i-k-e-s. Let me back up. Over the weekend, I took my dad out for his birthday. We went shopping, saw a movie, and went to […]