How To Not Drop Your Phone

by Harry Guinness

Harry Guinness writes occasionally when he’s not busy skiing, sailing, partying, lifting weights, or otherwise dodging responsibility. His main areas of interest are himself, gin, and crazy people with interesting stories to tell. When people won’t pay him to write ill-thought-out opinion pieces, he covers photography, technology, and culture. You can follow him on Twitter.

Glass is back, baby. And glass is back for backs. Most new high end phones this year—like the iPhone X and Galaxy S9, have glass screens and backs. This could mean expensive repairs, so let’s go back to basics, and look at how to not drop your phone.

 Use a Grippy Case

Glass feels wonderful. So silky smooth. So beautiful…whoops, there goes my phone.

Most highend smartphones are slightly too large to be held comfortably in one hand. Some monsters, like the iPhone 8 Plus, are barely comfortable with two. This means that if you don’t have something grippy to hang onto, your phone is always at risk of slipping. A small stumble while you walk, a brief moment of inattention while you take it out of your pocket, or just a second’s lapse in hand-eye coordination and smash.

The good news is there’s a simple way to solve it: with a case. . .

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