Pasta Carbonara

The Fancy Redneck Over time pasta carbonara has become one of the most controversial dishes out there. You would think with a simple preparation of pancetta, egg, parmesan, and black pepper it would not be a big deal. However not too long ago I read an article about Nigella Lawson posting her recipe for the […]

Om die stemme af te weer

Originally posted on YAHWEH-NISSI:
🖌 Max Lucado 🖌 | Ousus Ek het iets teen leuenagtige stemme van ons wêreld. Julle het hulle al gehoor. Hulle sê jou aan om jou integriteit te verruil vir “iets beters”. Om jou oortuigings te verruil vir ń goeie transaksie. Om jou toewyding te verruil vir ń bietjie pret. Hulle…

Did You Know? (feb 25)

When you cut into a rare steak and it appears that the steak is bloody, you’re not actually looking at blood on your plate. The substance on your plate is myoglobin, a pinkish colored (when exposed to air) protein that delivers oxygen to an animal’s muscle tissue.