What’s Wrong With Criticism?

Steven Stosny, Ph.D.  | Anger in the Age of Entitlement How to ruin a perfectly good relationship “Criticism is the only reliable form of autobiography,” Oscar Wilde said, because it tells you more about the psychology of the critic than the people he or she criticizes. Astute professionals can formulate a viable diagnostic hypothesis just […]

Op jag met die kamera

by HesterLeyNel Op ons vorige besoeke aan die Oribi Gorge en die Lake Eland Natuurreservaat het ons die staproetes gevolg om die pragtige natuurtonele af te neem. Daar was ook ‘n paar fotos van die wilde diere wat ons toevallig langs die pad teëgekom het (sien fotos in hierdie blogposte):- Jy beter suutjies trap … […]

Fearful Names

“I always wondered where the Bahamas got their name,” pondered Reala. “I wonder where I got my name from,” sighed Yuffie. “I mean Yuffie. I’m meant to be some sort of queen of the dead.” “I like your name,” said Reala. “Pretty sure my name relates to a celestial bird,” said Fuen. “Nice,” said Reala. […]

Did You Know? (dec 23)

A language isolate is a language that has no relationships with other languages. English, for example, is not a language isolate because it is a Germanic family language. Korean, on the other hand, is considered to have developed independently of outside influence and thus qualifies as a language isolate (with over 78 million speakers, it […]

Courgette, Kale and Spelt Grain Bowl

This herby courgette and spelt grain bowl topped with a perfectly poached egg is packed full of flavour yet so quick and simple to make – perfect for a quick lunch or easy dinner. I helped to develop this recipe with the chefs at the Waitrose Cookery School for a Waitrose/Alpro health day focusing on […] […]

The value of silence

Victoria Ray NB You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. They expect words, motion, defense, offense, back and forth. They expect to leap into the fray. They are ready, fists up, words hanging leaping from their mouths. Silence? No. Alison McGhee All spiritual traditions speak of the silence within. […]

3 To Dos in Côn Đảo

TravellingPeoples.com Words and Images by Thuc Anh Cao Xuan– We went to Côn Đảo at the beginning of its rainy season (from late August to February) but we were lucky because it wasn’t too rainy. Côn Đảo, or Poulo Condor as the French named it when they tried to colonize Vietname, is an island that […]