Did You Know? (Nov 25)

  • Historically, many colleges in the United States required that you demonstrate the ability to swim (since it was considered a necessary life skill) before graduating. While the tradition has waned, there are still schools, such as MIT and Cornell University, that require students to demonstrate swimming proficiency.
  • When Galoob released the “Game Genie” product in the 1990s to allow players on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis to use game cheat codes to modify their console games, the two companies had very different reactions. Nintendo sued them while Sega offered them an official licensing deal.
  • Catnip acts as a stimulant when consumed by cats, but as a sedative when consumed by dogs.
  • Eye color is the result of melanin (or lack thereof) in the irises of your eyes. Dark brown eyes have the most melanin and very light blue eyes have the least. There’s even a laser-based cosmetic surgical procedure (currently in the clinical trial phase) that will break up the melanin and turn brown eyes blue.

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