You Deserve to Conquer the World – My New Book

Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhambu

·         If you do any work…. yes any work with passion you will be a successful person not only in that work but in almost all walks of life.

·         Mediocrity can talk, but it is for genius to observe.

·         Once we find out the purpose of our life, we should have clear understanding that how we can reach that goal.

·         Success is always waiting to garland those heroes who decide to achieve.

·         Life is full of options. Whether we are able to strike the right cord or not it depends on how we evaluate the available options and take decisions.

·         One who makes a resolution and then makes a sincere effort to achieve his dreams, nothing stops him from realising his goals.

·         If you have failed in your efforts, it does not mean that you failed rather…

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