God is in charge of all seasons…


October has just started and I found myself already wanting it to end. The amount of things happening and things to happen had me overwhelmed and l felt as if God had left me in September.. 😔

As funny as this may seem problems do have a tendency together with the devil himself at work to make us forget that God truly is in control of everything in our lives .

There is peace and wisdom in knowing that God is in charge of everything and every season in our lives. Nothing takes God by surprise, He knows our going in and out coming out. We are His creation, created for His purposes.

When seasons change though, the process may be so uncomfortable. We may find ourselves wondering if God is still in charge in turbulent seasons. As l read Ecclesiastes 3, l understood that there is a timefor everything

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3 thoughts on “God is in charge of all seasons…

    1. Dear Maria, thank YOU for being such an encouragement with your kind words. You are like the good fairy using words, instead of waving a wand, to change Cinderella’s fate. Blessings! 😉

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      1. Dear Ron, thank you so much for your touching words! I appreciate that! 🙂 Blessings to you too! And thank you for interesting posts. You have a great collection & perfect blog taste! 🙂

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