Babar: Enchanting Elephant Story


Esteemed Readers, I wish to go on a bit an elephant theme, so precious to me :-), & to tell you about Babar. However, many of you should be familiar with this amazing elephant. If be more precise, with a character invented by Cécile de Brunoff & designed by her husband Jean Brunoff  in the beginning of the 20th century.

No matter the story background is so French & often deals with rather national topics, I find it very educational, deep & smart. Babar himself is depicted as a very kind & noble elephant, who has passed various misfortunes before gaining success & a peaceful life. As well he had to study a lot to become the true king. He is a big progress lover, nevertheless he has a deep respect to the environment & doesn’t promote unlimited abusing of nature unlike his opponents, stupid & ignorant rhinoceros. Babar’s milieu…

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