Mouth-Watering Flourless Chocolate Cake

Hi there lovely people! I am excited today because we have 2 firsts for this blog. The first, first, is a guest post. And the second first is a gluten-free recipe. So today, Rose, who is an amazing food blogger, will be showing us how to cook up a stress-free, super yummy gluten-free flourless chocolate cake. And you might be thinking “Well how do you know it’s stress-free and super yummy Nick…..Have you made it!?” Why yes, yes I have. Additionally, I took a picture of it and posted it on my social media. That’s right, I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk. Anyway, I’ll shut up now, but make sure you click this link and check out Rose’s site because her content is top notch. Ok Rose…Show em how it’s done!

Hello! Rose here! I am a full-pledge mother and a kitchen warrior at the same time. I created the blog so that I can share my cooking knowledge to each interested individual out there. If you want to catch up with my culinary adventures, just visit and subscribe to my site! I am excited to see you there!


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