How to Avoid Letting Your Homestead Turn Into a Prison

By Alyssa

When thinking of starting a homestead, it can be temping to go overboard and implement every idea you can think of. Before you know it, your homestead can be set up in a way that keeps you imprisoned to it because therea re so many chores to keep up with that you couldn’t possibly find someone willing or knowledgeable enough to run things if you need to get away for a period of time!

This subject is dear to our hearts at the moment because we’re getting ready to attend a timber framing workshop in Maine (in preparation of building our debt free home) and will require us to be away from the homestead for over a full week!

Not only that, but in the past year, Jesse and I have each had to leave the property numerous times and due to the current state of our property, we decided that only one of us should travel at a time because things are too complicated for most people to do simple check-ins on our property.

Jesse and I are in a transitioning period of our life, so . . .


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