Follow Her Home (Juniper Song #1)

by Steph Cha A stunning, edgy debut introducing Juniper Song, an amateur sleuth taking on the darkness in the veins of L.A. with razor-sharp wit and a breaking heart. Juniper Song knows secrets–how to keep them and how to search them out.  As a girl, noir fiction was her favorite escape, and Philip Marlowe has always […]


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“Hey get your daughter married”, “God bless you for keeping your daughter unmarried for so long”, Hey isn’t she getting any match?” My ears were used to such words everyday. It had become a routine to hear such comments from my relatives as well as the people of my village. It’s…

Why I Changed The Way I Drive

by Candace N. Bisram A little over a year ago, I got into a moderate car accident while driving. Honestly, I was at fault — I was driving way too fast and made a poorly calculated overtake that caused me to get badly broadsided by a hugeeeee truck. In hindsight, I was extremely lucky that […]