All work, no play?

Steve's EPIK Journey.

Today marks 5 months in Korea! In this time, I’ve learned that they do things very differently here! I could go on about all the differences I’ve observed, but in this post I want to talk about just one: the work-life balance.

The work-life balance in the West is oceans apart from that of Korea. During my time in Toronto last year, I’d say I had a good work-life balance- mostly life, less work. I was working part-time as freelance personal trainer, which allowed me to live in a nice condo, travel a bit on weekends, have plenty of time to see friends and do what I love- running!

Despite having it good in Toronto, I started to get itchy feet around the end of last summer. By nature I tend to be impatient. I was ready for the next adventure.

Sidenote: My visa was coming to an end in…

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