How to know whether you are being cheated in your relationship?

tAN Benedict


Question, Listen and Apply reverse psychology.
Last night a sudden thought popped up in my mind of why some cheat and some get cheated in a relationship? and how to get rid of being cheated? Here are three ways to evaluate whether you are being cheated in your relationship by Questioning, Listening and Applying reverse psychology. Now ask yourself the following simple six questions to ask yourself.

Are you the one who always pay the bills?
Its ok to pay whenever the another person is broke but if its only you who pay, then there is something wrong.

Does he/she make you feel in-secured?
Being emotionally secured is vital in a relationship for both gender, because it can make a weak stronger and vice versa so if you feel unsecured whenever you are with them or think about them then there is something seriously wrong.

Are you being constantly asked…

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