The Patient Pursuit – Guest post by Michaela

Song of Virginity

Michaela from Michaela Lorren – Life Photography Jesus wrote this amazing post for Song of Virginity. It’s the testimony of how the Lord can and will give us the best of the best, when we choose to honor Him. It’s a tad bit longer than the posts on this blog usually are, but I thought it’s worth it for this one! Such an encouragement to read – thank you Michaela!

  • And when you’re done reading here, jump over to Michaela’s blog. It’s fascinating!

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Image 5-6-17 at 11.53 PM.jpg

17. Hadn’t lost my virginity. Hadn’t kissed a boy. Hadn’t even had a boyfriend. That was me. In this day and age, that’s kinda crazy, ya know?

I had decided as a very young girl that I wanted to remain pure until marriage. I wanted to be able to…

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