27 July – National Creme Brulee Day in USA

Originally posted on Cooking Without Limits:
Celebrate today with a wonderful dessert. Crème brulee is also known as burnt cream, crema Catalana, and Trinity creme. The crème brûlée originally came from France. Literally, it is called burned cream. This dessert is also popular in Spain and Portugal and is made from egg yolk, cream and sugar.…


[oorsprong: Ousus] SY LAS IS LIG Matt 11:30: “My juk is sag en my las is lig”. ʼn Paar jaar gelede het ek weens sekere keuses wat ek gemaak het en ʼn sameloop van omstandighede ’n punt in my lewe bereik waar alles vir my te veel geraak het. Die bediening het so veeleisend geraak […]

Did You Know?

All of the chainmail seen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy was hand crafted by two people, Christopher Smith and Carl Payne. The duo spent two years crafting the suits and, in the process, linked around five million rings composed of a collective ten kilometers of wire. Although the “Pizza Planet” delivery truck is […]