Colombia – Travel Diary #1

Oriana's Notes

Hey !Β 

Many of you know that right now, I’m in Colombia !
And to show you a bit of my trip, I decided to make this Colombia Travel Diary series, beginning with this one 😊

🌐 Destination – Cali :

So, we took the plane from Paris to Madrid first, around 10 am.


There, we had lunch and took another plane to Cali, without stopping by Bogota (the capital), we spent a total of 12h on planes, pretty exhausting.
Cali is one of the biggest cities of Colombia, and it’s even I’m the list of the 10 most dangerous countries of the world. I honestly never had any problem, we always go to Cali to visit my uncle and cousins that live there ! Anyways, we had to adjust to the local time, it was 10 pm when we went to sleep, which in Europe means 5…

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