Dunk It or Dump It?: Chocolate Hamburgers

Agatha Chocolats

Every month, I dream up an unusual chocolate combination. With a bit of research, I find out if any brave souls have taken on the unlikely pairing. And I have to say, I have yet to be stumped. Although this week’s combo wasn’t wide spread, it was met head on with chocolate passion.

Inspired by summer barbeques, this month we are featuring hamburgers.

Yes, we’re talking Beef Burgers…with Chocolate!


This first burger was featured on Posh, Broke & Bored.

As you can see, it has no shortage of chocolate.

Chocolate Bacon Burger

Perhaps, you like your burgers with layers of flavor? Let’s add some peanut butter to the mix.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Hamburgerphoto

Yes, this is real.

Not outrageous enough? Time to bring out the big guns.

IMG_1488Chocolate Sundae Burger

Because who has time to eat two separate meals?

Photoby Celebrations.com

Perhaps the combination…

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