A Tale of Three Cities: Jakarta

What an Amazing World!

Monumen Nasional (Monas), the Symbol of Jakarta

What is there to love about Jakarta? That was a question I asked myself when I first moved to the city back in 2008. The city’s traffic has been consistently ranked among the worst in the world for many years. In my first few years in the city, when I was still driving to work, there was one time when the congestion was even worse than usual because it rained earlier in the afternoon. I got stuck for hours in my car trying to get home, and I did everything I could to kill the time – from singing to listening to the radio, snacking, up to one point where I didn’t know what else to do. And then there’s the flooding. The 2007 flood displaced 500,000 people, claimed 80 lives, and cut the access to the main airport. Six years later, another…

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