Why the Last Bug that Bit Me… Won’t Be… the Last…

notes from the spider farm

I hate to say it. The bugs are winning.

Little biters.

For brevity’s sake, I’m using the all-inclusive, non-scientific terms bugs and biters to indicate anything that crawls, flies, hops or dangles and has a tendency to bite, sting, chew or otherwise cause pain or itchiness.

Some years back, we stopped using pesticides and herbicides, with the one exception of spot-treating Black Widows with a natural [?] pesticide product around the immediate perimeter of the house. The bugs and biters are happy. Me? Not so much. So far this week I’ve been bitten three times. Twice by itsy-bitsy spiders and once by this tiny, larval-beetle-ish thing that could have played the lead in its own horror movie.


Where’s the gratitude I ask you? Where’s the love?

It’s taken all my resolve and half a tube of anti-itch cream not to call the Eco-friendly [?] Pest Control Company whose…

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