Did You Know? [June 21]

The term “pungency” is used to refer to food with a very strong, sharp, or sometimes even disagreeable taste. When a food still has a stronger taste but is more agreeable to the palate, it is referred to as “piquancy”; thus a habanero pepper or chunk of Roquefort cheese would have pungency, but a mild […]

Fierce Love

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
I’m not a violent person. In fact, when I was studying method acting in college—the tap-into-your-feelings approach made famous by Brando and De Niro—I had difficulty inhabiting a particularly violent role because I’d never felt the desire to hurt anyone. My theatre teacher accused me of lying: “Everyone’s felt like…

Malmö, Sweden

Originally posted on Chernaja Kurica | est. 2016:
Friends, our virtual tour of Scandinavia continues! This week we gonna tell you about one of the largest cities in Sweden – Malmö. This Scandinavian city is located in the South of the country and is at distances less than 19 km from Copenhagen. The both cities are connected by…

Did You Know? [Jun 15]

Cookie Monster has a British cousin named Biscuit Monster. The 40 nut-cracking squirrels in the Tim Burton film Charlie & The Chocolate Factory were not CGI creations, but real live (and very well trained) squirrels.