“Kamikaze” …now it makes sense

Japan Oblong

I’ve been doing a lot of reading in to Japanese history lately. Why?

I happened to come across a short interview within a documentary of a Hokkaido man talking of his Ainu ancestry. Some jobs I’ve had in Australia have led to an understanding of indigenous Australian culture I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise, and I guess that’s what made me listen in when I heard the words “indigenous” and “Japan” being mentioned together.

I had to find out more. After treating the word “Wikipedia” as a verb for longer than it deserves, I bought a book on Japanese history. Well, you know, downloaded it to my Kindle; A History of Japan: From Stone Age To Superpowerby Kenneth Henshall.

One might suggest that fitting the “history of Japan” in to one book is a little ambitious and so, perhaps there are a parts I’d like to hear more of…

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