With Ivana🌹

Today, I signed my employment contract! I had to read through so many terms which took about half an hour. I’ll be working as a research assistant for elderly related issues! And then I spent 2hours+ being shuffled between different blocks for my health check-up.

The blood test hurt a lot more than what I remembered…it lasted for sooo long, felt like 5minutes!! The nurse tried distracting me by telling me the history of yishun pond (which I was looking out the window at). At first I was all “oh, this doesn’t hurt much”, but the sucking of the blood took forever and I was like sokdndneiwksdnejwjkdfll.

I really love the physical environment of the hospital because of all the trees and ventilation. But the long working hours (8.30am-6pm) and the no extra pay for over-time work kind of worries me…Plus I’ll take 3hrs to travel to and from the…

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