Why I Should Grow a Beard If I Am Teaching English in China

by Wesley Meacham

Before I Came to China

When I took my TESOL certification course in the summer of 2010 one of the things they told our class is that we would need to attach a photo to our resume. They also said that if we had beards, goatees or mustaches we might think about shaving. They strongly suggested shaving in fact because, in the words of our instructor, “in many countries people with facial hair are looked down upon and it might make it more difficult for you to get a job.”

Okay, I thought, fair enough. At the time I had a small well-trimmed goatee. I have had a goatee off and on for many years. I’ve always liked the way it looks but occasionally I become bored and decide to change things up by shaving. So for me, it was no problem to shave before taking my photo to add to my resume.

The Growth of the Beard

I continued to remain clean shaven till about halfway through my first year . . .

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