Steytlerville, South Africa

W ‘n B: This sleepy town is the North-eastern gateway into the Baviaans Kloof and is the home of many architectural gems. Victorian and Edwardian houses abound. Due to the smallness of Steytlerville, many of the houses are well preserved and escaped expansionism. Steytlerville has become popular amongst artists and those who want to retire away from the busy city life.

Welcome to Steytlerville
Welcome to Steytlerville

Steytlerville lies on the southern fringes of the Great Karoo between the rugged Baviaanskloof Mountains to the south and the Grootrivierberge, or Big River Mountains, to the north. The village is located on the banks of the Groot River which ultimately flows in the Gamtoos River through a steep gorge in the Baviaanskloof Mountains. To the east of the village the distinctive Cocks Comb in the Baviaanskloof Mountains is the highest peak in the area at 1758-metres above sea-level. The village is situated on the R329 road linking Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth to the east with Willowmore and beyond to the Klein Karoo in the west. North of Steylerville a gravel road connects the village with the isolated hamlet of Mount Stewart and beyond to Klipplaat and Jansenville.

Saint Paul's Anglican Church in SteytlervilleSteytlerville and the surrounding Baviaans District encompasses three converging biomes including valley bushveld, fynbos and Karoo. This diversity provides habitat for more than 200 species of birds and the district is a very popular destination for bird watchers and botanists. The area boasts an astonishing variety of semi-desert vegetation including succulents and the surrounding mountains host some of the best preserved highly-endangered cycad habitat left in South Africa. The environs of Steytlerville are also the home of some of the largest earthworms in the world, some measuring up to two metres in length. . . .

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6 thoughts on “Steytlerville, South Africa

    1. That being said Maria it is not to everyone’s taste. Young people find the sedentary lifestyle to be way to slow & boring. Extreme summer/winter temperatures call for some adaptation as well. I like it and love the way succulents can tough it out over a long period without rain and still survive, Abundant bird & wild animal life are benefits and of course encounters with spiders, snakes, scorpions and the like are possible. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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      1. Critters found outside I steer clear of or help them on their way. If found inside the house, and I cannot persuade them to go outside, it is another matter…and I deal with it. Some of these guys can move quite fast others go defensive. Having said that Maria it is not an everyday event but rather something that happens occasionally. Also I do have an inquisitive German Sheperd and two cats that take great interest in any movement they detect.

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