Carcassonne, France – Day 1

Touch Of Cinnamon

I recently returned from an 18 day trip to France and thought I’d post a few photos of some of the places I’d visited while there, the first being ‘Carcassonne’.

Carcassonne is in southern France’s Languedoc area and is a beautiful example of a fortified medieval town.

Okay, I’d better get a few details out of the way first, so here goes:

We flew out on Wednesday, 19th April with Ryanair from the UK’s East Midlands (EMA) airport to Frances’ Carcassonne (CCF) airport, and despite their bad reputation, everything went smoothly and we actually arrived ahead of schedule.

The flight takes approximately 2 hours, which meant we were in Carcassonne for 10:00am local time.

By the time we collected our luggage, cleared customs, got a taxi, and waited for the hotel car to pick us up from outside the ramparts, it was around 11:50 before we got to our hotel.  …

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5 thoughts on “Carcassonne, France – Day 1

      1. I may come back to it to write about my experience in more depth. All I’ve done so far is a put up a few pics, a quick outline of costs, accommodation etc.

        I’ll be doing quite a few posts about my trip but I’m not the best at getting on with it 😀

        Again, thank you.

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