Adora(The Question Machine)


The couple was so happy with their little girl. Father wished he could capture every moment spent with his baby. But in those days they were not having camera phones. So he borrowed a camera from a friend and gathered her crying,laughing and every expression of hers.

MARCH 2002

When she was 3 years old, same circumstances same room and the same nurse.

The nurse was having a great bond with the baby girl.

“What do you want? A little brother or a sister?” she asked the little girl.

“Bhai” said the girl in a sweet tone.

“Your daughter got a brother” congratulated the nurse.

“Our little family is completed” said the father.

“Maa ……from where the God sends us babies?” asked the girl.

“He sends an angel who gives us babies ” answered the nurse.

“Can i see him?” asked the girl.

Then she kissed her forehead.

“What should…

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