Dourum (Porto, Portugal)

Caitlin Jean Russell

There are some incredible restaurants in Porto, but a combination of a simple Mediterranean menu, local wines and beers and an incredible view made Dourum our favourite.

If you can manage to grab one of the few tables outside, then do so. The view of the city, the river and the bridges is incredible, and the busier pedestrianised path is across the road meaning your view is only infrequently disrupted. Try to go in time for sunset, as seeing the city change from the bright daylight, then into the soft golden light of early evening and then begin to be lit up artificially is incredible.

Although the restaurant is in a prime location in the region of Vila Nova de Gaia, directly at the foot of the Dom Luis I Bridge, the Mediterranean and Portuguese menu is fairly priced. Appetisers cost in the region of €5, with both cheese and meat sharing…

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