ron’s d.i.y. projects for Maria

Wag ‘n Bietjie: As requested by Maria here are a few of my fairly recent restoration / repurposed projects of discarded items….

River Stone Garden Arch

I purchased a discarded metal arch (single frame)  from one of the local coloured people and added a second metal frame constructed to hold river stones – no shortage of stones here!! This is what the almost finished item looks like in my garden. Added a wire cage on each side to serve as a plant holder with a ‘spekboom’ planted in each holder. See excerpt on the ‘spekboom’ lower down.


Post box made from a plastic water pipe

Discarded piece of water pipe serves as post box. On the previous metal post box the opening at the front was too narrow and often mail was blown away by the wind. grrr…

Pipe mailbox

Old guttering to Herb Garden

Repurposed discarded galvanised guttering for use as a herb garden. Don’t have a photo of the gutters and the herbs but love the smell of herbs when I stroll by.

herb garden

Excerpt from an article on the ‘spekboom’ . . .

South Africa is beautiful – and we want to keep it that way.

We could go on and on about our wonder plant, the spekboom tree. This little plant is an environmental miracle worker – and we’re here to share it with you.

The star of our show, spekboom, is a succulent tree native to the Karoo region of South Africa. Also known as Portulacaria Afra or Elephant’s Food, spekboom trees grow to between 2 and 5 meters tall and can live up to 200 years. The plant is easy to grow and is very resilient – our wonder plant can survive frost, drought, and fire.

As with most trees, spekboom absorb carbon from the air to make plant tissue. Unlike most trees, however, is the degree to which this little plant can reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – studies show that one hectare of spekboom plants can remove up to 4.2 tonnes of CO2 per year and that spekboom is about 10 times more effective at reducing carbon than tropical rainforest trees. It’s even 100 times more effective than a pine tree of the same size!

 Other fun facts about our wonder plant? It’s beautiful, edible, high in basic nutrients, and can treat dehydration. Clearly, spekboom isn’t just any plant – it’s a wonder plant.

source of spekboom article . . .

One thought on “ron’s d.i.y. projects for Maria

  1. Dear Ron, thank you so much! It’s such an honour for me to see your creations! 🙂 They’re wonderful & very very practical! You’re a very good designer! Keep up!

    I know the tree you mentioned. We had it at home many years ago. My budgie, (the same one I wrote a post about), liked to eat it. He almost lived in it. We call it ‘money’ tree, for it’s believed it brings fortune.

    Thank you very much!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Best regards,


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