In One Sentence

Writers Envy

stock-vector-the-thinker-a-hand-drawn-vector-doodle-illustration-of-a-stick-figure-pondering-about-something-421840810The thought occurred to me a few minutes ago that I wouldn’t know how to respond if I were asked to describe myself in one sentence.

Oprah: “Welcome Will, and congratulations on the publication of your Great American Novel, A Wished-For Love, debuting at number one on the NYT, LAT, ChiTrib, WSJ, Sing Sing, and Tampa Bay Voc. Tech High School Best Sellers Lists!

What an achievement! Hemingway, Dickens, Twain, Fitzgerald, Aristotle are green with envy (and mold) at the breathtaking wonder of your magnum opus. I couldn’t put your book down. I read it ten times last week. I fell in love with your main character and cried my eyes out at the end. I’ve ordered copies for all my homes!

Will, the world wants to know.
I want to know.
Both of my viewers want to know.
The CIA wants to know.
Russia says they know!
How would you…

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